Truth + Goodness + Beauty


These three roads lead to God.  They lead to God through Jesus Christ.  And the fullness of this faith is found in the one holy apostolic and Catholic Church.

Mine is another story of a Protestant who comes home to Rome.

Salvation history, running through the Old and New Testaments, does not skip twelve or fourteen-hundred years.  Dealing with that giant gap has everything to do with how we see the church.  And how we see the church has everything to do with our understanding of who Jesus Christ is; what He expects of us today.  Shock and surprise.  Fear.  These were my realities in discovering the claims of the Catholic Church are true.

As the  truth claims became clear, so too goodness and beauty.  Formerly, as an anti-Catholic  rock-thrower, I could never see that.  A lot gets tangled up in two millennia of messy Church history.  Here, I try to explain why I changed horses in midstream.  Come and see!  

And answer the question, Why aren’t you Catholic?

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