Truth.  Goodness.  Beauty.


Another anti-Catholic Protestant comes home to Rome.  This blog is about how I found myself in the one holy apostolic and Catholic Church.  It’s about my attempt to follow Jesus Christ, and make Him known.

Salvation history runs through the Old and New Testaments, and does not skip twelve hundred years.  Dealing with that millennial-plus-gap before the sixteenth-century has everything to do  with how we see the church.  How we see the church has everything to do with our understanding of salvation.   To my shock and surprise, I discovered that the claims of the Catholic Church are true.

As the  truth claims of the Catholic Church became evident to me, goodness and beauty became part of the package.  From my prior vantage point as an anti-Catholic  rock-thrower, I could never see that.  A lot gets tangled up in two millennia of messy Church history.  Here, I try to explain why I changed horses in midstream.  I try to convince you to do the same.  Come and see!  

I am the husband of a wonderful wife and proud father of two sons.  During the day, I’m a lawyer in Alabama and Mississippi, usually defending civil lawsuits.

Thank you for reading.

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